Welcome to Intangere, LLC

Building a business is hard work. Running the applications that support your business is necessary. Having them work together to make your business successful is essential. Making that easy for you is our mission.

As businesses start recovering from the Great Recession, there is an increased focus on deriving the best value from existing application investments. Remaining competitive today is harder than ever before and throwing out existing applications is just not practical.Many companies are looking to derive greater value from their existing technology investments while they seek to build competitive advantage through extensions or integration of that technology.

That's what Intangere knows how to do. Decades of experience with technology solutions as widely diverse as SAP, Oracle Financials, Amdocs, Microsoft Exchange, Quicken, SugarCRM, and hundreds of home-grown solutions built on technology stacks like C++, Java, PHP, .NET, OpenEdge, Azure, and numerous middleware integration platforms, like Sonic, TIBCO, and Apache ServiceMix in hi-tech organizations makes us very well qualified to help you build make your business the leader in its space.

We look forward to being able to help you succeed!