About Us

Intangere, LLC was established in 2009 as Information Technology Consulting company focused on heterogeneous technology integration. We don’t just want to help you build solutions. We want to help you get the best out of your technology investments.

Our Name

We gave a lot of thought to both our name and our logo before we established our company. Although our name has a familiar ring to the sound, the word "intangere" (pronounced "in-TAN-jeer") does not exist in either the English, French, German or Spanish dictonaries. This has caused many to ask us where our name comes from. 

The word "intangere" is a combination of two Latin words:

  • "in" - meaning "no" or "not" and
  • "tangere" - meaning "touch".

So the word "intangere" literally means "no touch" or "untouched".

Intangere is the root of the word "integer" which is "a whole number" or "a thing complete in itself" according to the Oxford Dictionary of English.

If you think of it as something that has not been broken, damaged or defiled, you can see how the word "integrity" is also derived from intangere. Integrity - "the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles" - is what our company, Intangere, is all about.

In fact, integrity is an integral part of how we do business. The word integral, again, is derived from the root Latin "intangere".

By now you can probably guess that one of our key business specialties, integration, has its root in the word intangere.

The word "intangible" is also derived from intangere. Something that is intangible is "unable to be touched; not having a physical presence; difficult or impossible to define or understand". The quality of integrity is not a tangible quality, but without it successful business is not possible.

Another word that factors in is the word "tangent" which is also derived from the root tangere. A tangent is a line that touches a circle, but as a figure of speach, one who goes off on a tangent has lost focus. Thus, intangere - no tangents - embraces the idea of focus on a specific goal.

Intangere thus embodies all of these thoughts in its philosophy of promoting that intangible quality of integrity that is integral to focusing on successful customer relationships.

Our Logo

As with our name, we put a lot of thought into our logo and came up with something that embodies exactly what our name means.

The individual elements of the logo do not touch (in = no, tangere = touch) each other and each of them is a different shade in the same way as we make use of different technologies to produce a solution.

The points of the chevrons indicate focus.

The three chevrons pointing upward indicate focus on a forward thinking vision and the fact that there are three of them indicates emphasis. In other words, we have a strong emphasis on a forward thinking vision.

The three chevrons pointing downward create the idea of an anchor indicating that we are grounded and pragmatic in our approach to business and, again, three of them indicate that this is something we give strong emphasis.

Finally, the logo functions as a balanced whole which is what the words integer and integrity (derived from intangere) mean.

The whole logo is one integrated design, again playing on the word intangere and emphasizing the focus of our business.

The Team

Bruce Gruenbaum


With over 25 years of experience in the software industry, much of it spent on major integration technologies at companies like Progress Software Corporation, Earthlink, DIRECTV, Microsoft and Nordstrom, Bruce Gruenbaum, co-founder and owner of Intangere, LLC has an outstanding background in large scale Service Oriented Architectures and legacy system integration.

Bruce maintains a blog of all things software-related called The Software Gorilla.

Allison Gruenbaum


As a veteran of several software implementations, Allison heads up our quality engineering processes. Her unique experience evaluating and monitoring the usability of solutions for several large companies over the last 2 decades and her attention to details ensures the quality and agility of our delivery process.